About Us

The Complementary Medicine Research and Addiction Foundation (CMRAF) is a Canadian public charity foundation launched in 2022.

Co-founded by Aubrey Dan and Peter Billiaert; also the Co-Founders of EmpowerPharm Inc., an innovative clinical-stage pharmaceutical company with a vision to empower patients and their healthcare providers globally with government approved therapeutic pharmaceuticals that enhance mental and physical health.


The creation of CMRAF is their way of giving back, having a positive social impact on Canadians.


Jointly they have created a Canadian charitable foundation to fund and support those suffering from mental and physical health issues that have led to drug addiction.


The foundation initially is set up to support academic institutions’ research and discover alternatives to prescribing various medications such as opioids and benzodiazepines; while funding charitable organizations in Canada with those suffering from drug addiction.

Our Mission

CMRAF has been established to ensure that research and development has a social cause and purpose by helping those most in need, while recognizing the need for the pharmaceutical industry leadership to confront the clear and present perils of the opioid and related addiction crisis.

What We do

Globally, we are in the midst of an opioid crisis. There have been more than 500,000 apparent opioid-related deaths between 1999-2019. These lost lives make the opioid crisis a leading public health and safety concern.

The foundation goals include

Conducting Research

Conduct research on CBD, other cannabinoids, psychedelics and other complementary medicines that can be used as an alternative to currently prescribed medications.

Addressing Issues

Address the clear and present opioid and drug addiction crisis in Canada and beyond.

Our History

Aubrey Dan and Peter Billiaert, the Co-Founders of EmpowerPharm Inc., have each committed to 10% of their company shares to help fund the start of CMRAF. Their joint donation will help fund addiction research with recognised academic institutions. Funding will also assist registered not-for-profit organizations to provide direct help to those suffering from the opioid and other drug related challenges.

Our Team